Janet Benrey

Many of my literary-agent colleagues began their careers at traditional publishing companies; I followed a different path. I’ve worked in several different jobs that have had two common themes: marketing and publishing. These include executive recruiting, directing a small publishing company, corporate marketing communications, and book promotion. I’m also a published novelist. I’ve co-written nine romantic suspense novels with my husband Ron, plus a romance novella that I wrote independently.

My diverse background — including my work as a novelist — provides the wide-ranging experience I need to identify and successfully represent high-quality literary properties.

The heart of my agenting style is to build strong working relationships with authors. I’m proud of my reputation as an accessible, responsive agent — an agent willing to chat with clients whenever time permits.

Of course, my highly personalized agenting approach limits the number of authors I can represent. I must tightly control my client list so that I can effectively serve a small group of authors whose work I truly believe in.

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